The DM trailer chassis was designed to meet the extreme work loads of the end user in mind. This multi-functional chassis is currently used under our liquid manure spreader tank or can be used for other applications. The mechanical steering makes it one of the safest in the industry to operate:

The patented mechanical steering is simple and ruged in design with very little maintenance. Built to meet the intense demands in all field conditions,the ease of its manovuerability will exceed your expectations.

Wether it be flat or rugged field conditions, the trailer chassis's hydraulic suspensionu remains stable absorbing all vibrations.A hydraulic cylinder with a 12-inch stroke is outfitted to the chassis.

If additional traction is required to the tractor's drawbar, an optional weight transfert kit is available.


DM's ball coupler system comparable to the automotive industry makes it with ease to adapt to all tractors drawbars. Manufactured with the highest quality of composite metals, the ball and female coupler are heat treated for long lasting durability. This system can be adapted to directional or non-directional implements. This precision fit permits smooth field operations with 100% elimination drawbar wear. Once tried, you will thank-us and convert your other implements.

Braking action is available with a double piston caliper, permitting an even and constant force applied to the rotor. This system is compatible with the tractor's hydraulic system. Installation to the number pf axles is determined by the customers choice. freins