Low level spread bars
  The DM low level spread bar was designed with simplicity and durability in mind for use in liquid pork or cow manure. Available in galvanized or painted, an ease for cleaning. For safety, all low level spread bar wings are equipped with a breakaway bolt action hinge. A spread pattern of up to 35 ft. can be attained with optional adaptability of a plitter bar to side dress corn.


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For control of flow, 2 systems are avaiable. A manuel (right) or hydraulic flow control valve (left) with a numerated chart allors for prescision application of manure. The hydraulic flow control valve may also be used for variable rate or for in tank agitation. All from the comfort of the tractors cab.

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As an option, a self-sealing hinge eliminates leakage on the road. It also permits the user to spread from one or three jets depending on width requirements.

There are two ways of installing the low level spread bars, one beeing at a fixed height utilizing fixed brackets and the other on a ajustable hydraulic 3-pth back rack allowing for field ajustments on the go. All spreader bars can be easily mounted on other makes of tanks or truck mounts.