!! New
3-pth Pump
New !!

DM Machinery Inc, has developed  the new DM 3-pth pump, to its line up.

Light weight, flexible and pivoting, this new DM pump has gone one step over and beyond in the agitation and loading of liquid or semi-liquid manure ( hog, cow and municipal waste...etc.) This pump will out perform all other makes in the market. Contact us and it will be a pleasure to discuss the newest in developed innovations.

Ask for your demonstration, you will be amazed at its performance!

Cow manure lagoon mixing ( 12 feet depth x 95 feet diameter)

Cow manure lagoon mixing
( 9 feet depth solid )

Lagoon mixed in only 1 hours


Lagoon filled with cow manure (with straw)

Many option available. Please contact us for more information