Lagoon Pump

Save time and money

Here is the new DM manure pump, the most efficient on the market. Reduce your mixing time with less horsepower with the new 2 mixing screw (patented). The pump is designed to run with a tractor from 130hp to 300hp, try it and you will see, you'll impress everyone who will see you work.

A two and four wheel model exist, the latter used as a wall-walker in lagoons up to 16ft. deep. Available from 32 to 52 feet you can equip the pump with a hydraulic positioning loading pipe or a conventional aluminium pipe with tripod.

With the pump purchase, we offer you a trainning to know all the potential of the pump.

Rapid, durable, strong and efficient are the biggest quality of the DM pump


See the DM pump in action.........!! (video)

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How does it works ?

The auger bring the manure and his solid parts to the pump, break them with his knife and the mixed manure is sent to the other end of the pit by the screw or sent to the mixing nozzle by the impeller.

We've reduce mixing time of 75% and greatly improve homogeneity of the mixed manure without more horsepower.

Fuel and working time economy



This new rotative valv fastly allow the mixing or loading selection. It eliminate all the flow restriction (improve flow) and eliminate at 100% blocking chances. The nozzle turn on 350°, move up and down to permit you to send the manure in any parts of the pit.

  Portable loads stands also available. Offered in manual or hydraulic height adjustment.

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Other option available, for example: remote control or hydraulic actuated chassis arms. (as shown above )