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  The multi-till incorporator utilizes a star shaped tine to improve soil aeration. tilth while allowing the infiltration of liquid manure, all in a one pass operation.
  Relied of soil compaction by the spreader or plow pan created by years of horizontal tillage makes this unit a must. Vertical tillage allows new lif into soil with better water perculation through out your soil profile..

  Incorporate all your liquid manure while cultivating at the same time, reducing cost and time. Loss of nitrogen, soil erosion and odours etc., are kept to a minimum.   The multi-till incorporator can be used to prepare your fields for crop production. Wether its for corn, hay or for side dressing corn, this equipment can readily adapt to all situations.

fermer prairies
The incorporator is made of independant modules individually mounted on hydraulic cylinders. This allows the unit to conform to uneven soil profiles or stone laden field conditions. Adjustment of the multi-till is quickly adjusted by a handle at each module. For aeration place the tine straight, increase the angle of adjustment and more cultivation and tilth is acquired.

disque bion
Optional wavy coulters are available for field conditions that are high in residue. This permits better residue rot down allowing increased soil fertility. Exchange your tools and your ready for ridge till. Incorporation of manure can be done at the same time.

avant arriere
Are optional field caddy is available to cultivate without the spreader or can be used for other applications.