Marcel Dépault, owner and inventor, continues to develop and innovate in the material handling industry.

 DM and all its employees have always been "Avant-Garde" to the needs of the modern day farmer.

In 1984, DM sets new standarts by the invention and development of a lagoon pump with a patented applied spiral auger
In 1990, DM invents the first 6-wheel directional liquid manure spreader. (patented).

In 1992, a first in the industry, a 4 or 6 row liquid manure incorporator for side dressing corn (patented).

In 1993, with a expanding business, DM situates itself along Hwy 20 at St-Simon-de-Bagot. New facilities are opened Jan. 22, 1994.


In 1997, DM develops the first modular bolted panel manure spreader.

In 1998, the world's first hot-dipped bolted pannel manure spreader is comercialized and in production in 1999.

In 1999, the first 4-axle DM spreader is developed and is marketed in 2000.
In 2000, DM develops a manure incorporator designed with an aerator tine to reduce field compaction while utilizing the application of manure and it's nutrients. This, is turn, eliminates soil erosion on sloped terrain and preserves the environment.
In 2002, DM introduces a low pressure level spreader bar for liquid manure application in various field conditions permitting application in post-emergent corn while reducing odors.
In 2004, a new generation of low pressure level spreader bars are galvanized and marketed.
In 2004, there is introduction and development of a new tillage incorporator with independent hydraulic working modules available in 20 feet width mounted to the low pressure level spreader bar (comercialized in 2005 ).
In 2005, DM continues the development and innovation of the liquid manure incorporator, Knowing the importance of natural organic fertilizer to the environment with the capabilities of aerating, improving soil structure, eliminating soil and manure erosion. All this with a one pass machine in all types of manure.

In 2006, the DM Incorporator unit is adapted for ridge till and low-till agriculture, an increasing trend on the market.


In 2007, the DM undercarriage has been completely redesigned. It is now much lighter, more manoeuvrable but keep his unequaled strength.



In 2009, the new DM 3-pth hitch pump is on the market. His patented new mixing and pumping agitator permit it to be classified at the top of all the manure pump.The mixing time reduced of 75% with a non-comparable homogeneity. Our lagoon pump is also redesigned to be equiped of this same new technology.


In 2010, the new model of our Tranfert Pump is available. This pump is now galvanised to improve lifetime. Easy to use, rapid and efficient.


In 2011, we waited it for a long time, to first DM Aluminium Tank spreader. His lightweight, durability and strength raised up manures spreaders quality standart.